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Adventure of Hope


A Fresh Chapter
Six months, 7 countries, 5 continents

In January 2012, fueled by her own life-changing experience volunteering in South Africa, Terri set out on a 6-month around the world volunteering trip she dubbed “The Adventure of Hope.” Her goal? To see if it was possible to create a meaningful, volunteerism-based support program for individuals impacted by cancer.

Thanks to the contributions of 110 individual donors and the corporate sponsorship of GO Overseas, CLOUD, First Descents, and Flight Centre Canada, Terri raised $13,295. While she also made her own contribution of just over $5,000 from her savings to cover the balance, she could never have made this trip a reality without the incredibly generous support from her friends, family, and extended tribe.

Key Outcomes from Adventures of Hope
  • Reviewed 7 volunteer organizations on 5 continents to select future partners for A Fresh Chapter
  • Met cancer patients, doctors, survivors, and advocates in Vietnam, Rwanda, Tanzania, Spain, Peru, and Costa Rica to discuss the landscape of global cancer and how we must find ways to better support the developing world with anti-stigma campaigns and earlier diagnoses
  • Shared forty-nine stories from around the world on the A Fresh Chapter website
  • Formed lasting connections with volunteers, expats, and locals doing inspiring work all over the world
  • Held the hands of cancer patients in Vietnam; supported more than 80 physically and mentally handicapped women in India; worked at an orphanage with 600+ kids in Rwanda; helped 19 Spaniards improve their English; met with inspiring doctors and advocates for cancer treatment in Tanzania; spent intense afternoons with detained street kids at a local police station in Cusco; worked on community based clean water and clean burning stove projects in Urubamba; and helped keep a school library open in Costa Rica

The most impactful outcome, however, was the inspiration to launch A Fresh Chapter.

I was reminded that big dreams have power and that you don’t need to have all of the answers in order to state your vision to your friends and family, to the world, or even just to yourself. Sometimes, all you have to do is focus on taking it step by step. — Terri Wingham, founder & CEO of A Fresh Chapter
Learn More About Our Pilot Program

Emboldened by her “Adventure of Hope,” Terri launched the first A Fresh Chapter Odyssey program in 2013. On February 16, 2013, 12 participants program journeyed to India with Terri and filmmaker Mark Halliday.


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