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Healing the emotional Scars of cancer

A Fresh Chapter
A Fresh Voice in Post-Traumatic Growth

Terri’s reputation as a speaker is built on her natural storytelling ability combined with a knack for adapting her message to a wide range of audiences. Whether talking to people impacted by cancer about the challenges of picking up the pieces of their lives or inspiring business leaders to approach their work from a fresh perspective, Terri weaves together stories from around the globe with wit, candour, and practical tips for actualizing big dreams.

The former corporate professional turned writer, world traveler, and non profit founder lived out of a suitcase for over 5 years and volunteered all over the world in pursuit of an audacious dream. That dream has become a reality and A Fresh Chapter continues to impact countless lives. Through her writing and speaking, Terri shares stories with people – from all walks of life – to help them reframe adversity and connect to more meaning and purpose in their lives. A trailblazer in the area of post-traumatic growth, Terri’s stories and thought-provoking questions inspire her audiences to think about struggle and possibility with a fresh perspective.

Stanford Medicine X Conference
In 2013, Terri was invited to speak at Stanford’s Medicine X Conference, on the topic of Cancer Survivorship & Community. She shared her experience with cancer and the emotional aftermath that left her feeling isolated and missing the person she used to be.

“Who wants to admit that you just survived cancer and you are depressed about it?”

After an experience volunteering in South Africa, she gained a spark of possibility that helped her to change her perspective. Giving up her apartment and living out of a suitcase, she planned the first A Fresh Chapter pilot program to India with 12 participants. For the group, it wasn’t just about volunteering, but also about creating a community that wasn’t all about cancer. Watch the video to learn more.


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