A Fresh Chapter

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Volunteerism, Meaningful Travel & Emotional Healing

Cancer can strip you of your purpose and your place in the world. Yet, through meaningful volunteer experiences and our ongoing programming, you can reclaim your independence, your strength, and your story – all while seeing yourself and the world through fresh eyes.

A Fresh Chapter creates opportunities for you to:

  • Volunteer with meaningful community-based projects and remember how good it feels to give back
  • Participate in ongoing programming designed to help you reflect on what you’ve been through and reflect on where you want to go from here
  • Build connections outside of a medical setting with like-minded people who have faced all types of cancer
  • Challenge yourself to step beyond your comfort zone and practice finding peace amidst uncertainty
  • Experience a sense of awe at home or around the globe

It’s time to expand your story beyond cancer and begin to believe in new dreams for your life.

A Fresh Chapter
How it Works

Our programs are open to any adult who has been diagnosed with cancer and who is healthy enough to travel (regardless of age, type of tumor, or stage of disease) and anyone who has been deeply impacted by cancer as a caregiver.

Once you’ve applied and been accepted into one of our programs, you’ll be supported through every step of the process – from fundraising support to help you offset the program fee, to one-on-one and group calls with our team to answer your questions and help you prepare mentally and emotionally for the experience ahead. Our intention is to ensure you feel a strong sense of support and community, from day one until long after you return home.

Our Odyssey programs are embedded into a larger framework of support – a curated collection of tools, support and additional resources that allow participants to fully integrate the benefits of the program into their lives. The Fresh Chapter Odyssey program framework includes four phases – each designed to support participants before, during and after their transformational volunteer travel experience. The Odyssey program framework is customizable and can be scaled up or down based on an individual participant’s unique needs and personal bandwidth.

To read our Program FAQs and explore whether an Odyssey Program is right for you, click here.

A Fresh Chapter provides a whole new view on life after cancer. It’s about getting out of the bubble of fear. If I can make it to India, I can do anything. — Joanne, 2013 India Odyssey Tribe
Make your Dream a Reality – Join Us on an Odyssey Program!

From the moment you are accepted into the program until long after you return home, you’ll be immersed in activities and experiences that infuse your life with fresh purpose and perspective. While volunteering with us internationally, you’ll make lifelong connections, visit places you may have only dreamed about, and start to build your plans for contributing to your local community. As a member of our tribe, you will receive ongoing support as you navigate the highs and lows of living with or beyond cancer. If you are interested in applying, please fill out our rolling application today!  


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