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Pilot Program in India

After returning from her 6-month around-the-world “Adventure of Hope,” where she explored the model of healing through international volunteerism, Terri set to work creating the non-profit that would become A Fresh Chapter. In February 2013, she launched a pilot program, in New Delhi, India. Terri journeyed to India with 12 participants and filmmaker Mark Halliday, in partnership with Cross-Cultural Solutions, to test the concept of international volunteering as a way to help those impacted by cancer redefine their lives.

Based on the success of the pilot program, Terri created A Fresh Chapter as a non-profit and continued to run programs in India for several years. She then expanded to South Africa in 2015, the site of her own initial volunteer experience. In 2016, new programs were added in the United States and Peru – including A Fresh Chapter’s first partnered program with Eli Lilly & Company. In addition, the Odyssey Framework was introduced to provide extensive tools, resources, and support to participants before and after the volunteer travel experience. Most recently, the program has expanded its global footprint with the addition of Costa Rica as a volunteer destination.

A Fresh Chapter Today

Today, A Fresh Chapter has helped more than 150 participants heal the emotional scars of cancer through 12 successful programs conducted on 4 continents. We have also built a corporate partnership model that blends employee wellness, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility. The ripple impact of the more than 5,000 volunteer hours continues to emanate, not only in the communities where volunteers served, but within participants’ families and local communities as well.

As we connect with more people in need of a meaningful way to start fresh, A Fresh Chapter will expand the number of programs we offer internationally as well launch additional U.S. Odyssey programs. We will create local chapters in U.S. cities where alumni and potential participants can gather to foster connections while serving community projects. We are excited to offer an innovative mechanism for healing the emotional scars of cancer, while creating a ripple of good in families, communities and around the world. Learn more about the Ripple Impact of our programs below.


Volunteering abroad allowed me to reinvent myself and rediscover the things that ignited my soul. There were days filled with “ah-ha!” moments of self-discovery and the warmth of knowing that my life is significant. Cancer makes your world shrink into a space that consists of you, caregivers and doctors. A Fresh Chapter brought back my sense of possibility and community. By volunteering and connecting with others, I have found a comfortable space from which to navigate outside my cancer world. — Melanie, 2013 India Odyssey Tribe
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A Fresh Chapter is currently accepting rolling applications for upcoming programs. If you are interested in applying for A Fresh Chapter Odyssey program, please fill out our rolling application today!  


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