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Meet Linnea: Artist, Writer, Advocate, and AFC Alum
February 7, 2018

I really feel as if this experience cleaved my life in two (in the best of all possible ways). That post-Peru I am changed; somehow better; more connected to my fellow humans but also—remarkably—t...

When I Let Go Of What I Am, I Become What I Might Be
February 6, 2018

So often, in our culture, I think we over simplify the idea of making changes in our lives. For most of us, we don’t wake up one morning infused with courage – like a tonic injected into o...

Erin Shares Her Story of Fundraising Success
January 17, 2018

Since I don’t typically reach out for assistance, perhaps that is why my family and friends stepped up as they did when I asked them to contribute to my fresh chapter. Because I don’t ask for help...

The Point Is to Live Everything. Live The Questions Now
January 12, 2018

For me, uncertainty was always a dirty word. Even just the way it rolled off my tongue felt sticky and uncomfortable. For 30 years, I took pride in my discipline and work ethic when it came to managin...

Fall 2018 Applications Now Open. Explore Costa Rica, South Africa, or Peru With Us!
December 22, 2017

For the first time, A Fresh Chapter will offer a fall program season – complete with 3 different volunteer travel experiences, all built into a broader 6-month framework of support. Apply before...

Meet Odiyo & A Vision To Deepen Our Impact in Africa
December 22, 2017

We invited Philip ‘Odiyo’ Ouma to join us from Kenya. Odiyo works tirelessly at the Faraja Cancer Support Trust in Nairobi. Not only is he a caregiver, but he is an inspired advocate who – i...

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