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A Fresh Chapter is a non-profit with a small but motivated staff who are dedicated to our mission of healing the emotional scars of cancer. Whether leading programs, managing logistics, interviewing candidates or creating programming, each individual makes an important contribution to our work. In addition to our paid staff, A Fresh Chapter could not function without the passion and commitment of our volunteers. An instrumental part of the overall team, our alumni ambassadors have all participated in a previous A Fresh Chapter Odyssey program and now donate their time in areas such as fundraising, selection, scholarships and participant support.

Terri Wingham CEO & Founder Read More

Terri Wingham, CEO & Founder

Terri Wingham is the CEO and Founder of A Fresh Chapter. A breast cancer diagnosis at age 30 changed Terri forever, transporting her from corporate life to a foreign world of chemotherapy and surgeries. An international volunteer travel experience in South Africa helped Terri see that struggle is universal – and inspired her to provide individuals deeply impacted by cancer the opportunity to expand their focus beyond the disease and discover new purpose in their lives. Terri is a committed global health advocate and cancer support innovator who speaks frequently on topics relating to using adversity as a catalyst for growth. Terri holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Entrepreneurship from Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada.

Manisha Braithwaite Program Coordinator Read More

Manisha Braithwaite, Program Coordinator

Manisha Braithwaite is the program coordinator at A Fresh Chapter. She is an avid world traveler with a broad background in Canadian, U.S. and global volunteering. Her extensive experience in planning and logistics, combined with her passion for traveling and volunteering, help her in her key operations role with A Fresh Chapter. Her roots lie in Toronto, Canada and she received her B.A. from the University of Western Ontario. Manisha balances her work with her other interests in sports, fitness, traveling, spending time with family & close friends, and devoting her time to organizations that assist children.

Deirdre Wilcox Facilitator Read More

Deirdre Wilcox, Facilitator

Deirdre Wilcox is a co-facilitator and member of the first India Odyssey Tribe in 2013. She is a cancer survivor with more than 25 years experience in the field of health. Her passion is supporting others in navigating the mess and glory of the human experience. She does this through Aston Kinetics, therapeutic yoga, emotional support, and humor and compassion.  Although Seattle is home, her continued adventures with A Fresh Chapter have turned her into a citizen of the world.

Lisa Nielsen Facilitator Read More

Lisa Nielsen, Facilitator

Lisa Nielsen is a co-facilitator with A Fresh Chapter and a member of the 2014 India Odyssey Tribe. She is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist.  Lisa has worked in several facets of the wellness industry for over 22 years.  Her work includes personal fitness training, nutritional coaching, cooking classes, outdoor fitness and mobility classes, personal cheffing, and varying wellness retreats.  Her new business “Vibrant Life Wellness Coaching” (formerly Zen Fitness and Nutrition) is a way for her to bring all of her passions and experiences in wellness under one roof.  She is especially interested in working with functional movement and mobility, therapeutic nutrition, and mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.  She loves educating and inspiring others to live healthy lives by finding a balance in body, mind and spirit.

Janet Ottersberg Facilitator Read More

Janet Ottersberg, Facilitator

Janet Ottersberg is a co-facilitator for A Fresh Chapter. Janet is an OTR/L and has worked as an Occupational Therapist for more than 25 years. She is a certified lymphedema specialist, and started the Lymphedema treatment clinic at Parkview hospital in Pueblo, Colorado. She is a certified Daring Way Facilitator, incorporating the research on shame and vulnerability to assist her clients in finding their full joy. She is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor and incorporates a mind, body, spirit practice in all aspects of her work. She received her certification in comprehensive evidence based coaching through Fielding Graduate University.

Maureen Genna-Hough Ambassador Read More

Maureen Genna-Hough, Ambassador

Maureen Genna-Hough is a member of the 2016 U.S. Odyssey Tribe and an ambassador supporting selection and ambassador coordination. She is an eight year Breast Cancer survivor who has a desire to give back to the people who helped her every step of the journey. Maureen is a graduate of Merrimack College in North Andover, MA, where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. She has supervised customer support personnel in a fast paced environment and has been responsible for on-time delivery and forecasting needs of perishable food products. She brings her expertise to Fresh Chapter and is excited to be involved.

Karamjit Kang Ambassador Read More

Karamjit Kang, Ambassador

Karamjit Kang is a member of both the 2016 U.S. Odyssey Tribe and the 2017 Costa Rica Odyssey Tribe and helped to design the A Fresh Chapter Ambassador Program. She is a Senior Project Manager in the technology industry but more importantly she is mother of two and has battled and survived breast cancer twice in the last 7 years. Her roots lie in the United Kingdom but she has lived in the U.S. for almost 4 years. Battling cancer twice has given her great perspective and she cherishes and is humbled by her role as an Ambassador for A Fresh Chapter.

Wanda Lucas Ambassador Read More

Wanda Lucas, Ambassador

Wanda Lucas is a member of the 2016 Peru Odyssey Tribe and an ambassador supporting the selection and scholarships teams. She is an 11-year breast cancer survivor, and founding member of the Georgetown Breast Cancer Advocates. She is the vice president of the Board of Directors for the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) and serves as a Board member for the Annie Appleseed Project.  She is a graduate of NBCC’s Project LEAD Institute, and a programmatic reviewer for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program. In 2011, Ms. Lucas was recognized as a Champion of Change by the White House and was honored for her grassroots advocacy by NBCC in 2014. Ms. Lucas received her BS from the University of Illinois and her MBA from American University.

Hannah McEdwards Ambassador Read More

Hannah McEdwards, Ambassador

Hannah McEdwards is a member of the 2016 Peru Odyssey Tribe and an ambassador supporting scholarships. She is a breast cancer fighter. She has volunteered with the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation for 4 years as a fundraising champion and also a director for the CBCF CIBC Run for the Cure.  In her professional life, she is financial advisor and assists people and their families plan for the best by preparing for the worst. Hannah traveled to Peru with AFC and truly believes that any survivor, caregiver, and fighter deserves a chance to give back in order to heal their own emotional scars. Hannah will be assisting scholarship recipients with their ripple impact action plans and making sure each person has the opportunity to successfully pay forward their experience.

Eliel Morell Ambassador Read More

Eliel Morell, Ambassador

Eliel Morell is a member of the 2016 India Odyssey Tribe and an ambassador with the selection team. He was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in South Florida. He recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife and four children in pursuit of a more family friendly city where they can enjoy all four seasons and spend more time together. He is a cancer survivor who recently celebrated two years of survivorship. He loves to live in the moment and enjoy life, and his favorite pastime is hanging out with his family. Currently he holds a management position in logistics which he is very passionate about. After his return from India with A Fresh Chapter he has stayed engaged and volunteers as much time as possible to support the AFC Ambassador Program. Eliel wants other people to experience what he experienced with AFC and seeing them go through the process is emotional yet extremely rewarding.

Kahron Palet Ambassador Read More

Kahron Palet, Ambassador

Kahron Palet is a member of the 2016 Peru Odyssey Tribe and an ambassador with the selection and fundraising teams. After a life changing diagnosis of DeNovo Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2013, Kahron decided to combined her years of management, organizational and fundraising experience into a focused mission as a breast cancer advocate , mentor and counselor for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Recovery, various Medical organizations and A Fresh Chapter.  Her goal is to help others live their best life, even with a cancer diagnosis. Her advocacy has led to invitations to write and speak about continuing to appreciate life as a stage 4 patient, and to educate others about the disease. Her trip to Peru with A Fresh Chapter was an incredibly amazing experience that forever changed her life.

Stefani Reed Ambassador Read More

Stefani Reed, Ambassador

Stefani Reed is a member of the 2016 Peru Odyssey Tribe and ambassador with the selection team. During the day Stefani Reed works in crime and intelligence analysis at a local police department; identifying crime patterns, forecasting the occurrence of future crime and assisting with investigations. Stefani is a Lymphoma survivor. Since completing chemotherapy in 2015, Stefani has fundraised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk each year. During her trip to Peru, she dug into the emotional scars that cancer left behind.

Suzanne Shoemaker Ambassador Read More

Suzanne Shoemaker, Ambassador

Suzanne Shoemaker is a member of the 2015 South Africa Odyssey Tribe and supports the selection team as an ambassador. She has been a nurse anesthetist for 11 years.  She has a degree in psychology and worked in mental health for several years before going to nursing school.  Upon completion, she worked in Neuro/Trauma ICU for 6 years and then attended graduate school at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Suzanne has been a longtime supporter of A Fresh Chapter.

Stacy Stec Ambassador Read More

Stacy Stec, Ambassador
Stacy Stec is a member of the 2016 Peru Odyssey Tribe and ambassador leading the participant support and Odyssey Hub teams. She  is the mother of two young daughters, works as a paralegal, and is a breast cancer survivor.  She was born and raised in Virginia and is now living in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.  She is passionate about helping her community and loves to volunteer her time as a Girl Scout leader, at her daughters’ elementary school, and with her local Moms club.   

Heather Caro Ambassador Read More
Heather Caro, Ambassador
Heather Caro is a nurse, writer and breast cancer advocate living in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Since her own breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 32, Heather has been an outspoken voice about the importance of research and served as a consumer reviewer for DOD Breast Cancer Research Program as well as leadership roles within Young Survival Coalition and ACS Cancer Action Network among other organizations.   Heather was a member of A Fresh Chapter India tribe in 2016 where she rode in rickshaws, fostered a love affair with curry and was completely captivated by the people and places she discovered there.
Tanessa Noll Ambassador Read More

Tanessa Noll is a member of the 2016 Peru Odyssey Tribe and is serving as a Communications Ambassador for A Fresh Chapter. She loves writing and helping others tell their stories. Since her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014, Tanessa has been involved in the cancer community, most recently as a RISE Advocate with Young Survival Coalition. She received a BA in Communications from the University of La Verne and an MA in Teaching from City University of Seattle. Tanessa lives in Shelton, Washington with her husband and two sons.

Rachel Mehl Ambassador Read More

Rachel completed treatment for breast cancer in late 2016. She has since been seeking opportunities to give back to the cancer community who was–and continues to be–so gracious to her. Rachel loves adventure, so zip-lining through the jungles of Costa Rica with AFC is a memory she won’t soon forget.

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