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A Fresh Chapter is currently seeking experienced facilitators to join our team. Our facilitators are critical to the success of our programs and we have a rigorous screening and training process to ensure that our team provides the right mix of compassion, expertise, and leadership to help our participants engage in all aspects of the volunteering and emotional support aspects of the A Fresh Chapter experience.

All facilitation is done on a consulting basis and each facilitator must be willing to commit to travel to US or International destinations for a period of at least 1-2 weeks as well as provide some support before and after the program through email and conference calls. Our official recruitment process will be begin in the summer of 2017. To learn more, contact CEO and Founder, Terri Wingham at terri@afreshchapter.com.

We also have extensive opportunities for volunteers to get involved.  if you are interested in volunteering with us, please visit our Volunteer page to learn more.


I have memories as a young child losing extended family members from cancer and feeling like that would never happen in my family. I soon realized that my family was not immune to the hardships of cancer, when my oldest brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Witnessing his journey ignited a passion in me to want to make a difference in the lives of others on this path. I was blessed to be connected to Terri Wingham and the amazing experience of a Fresh Chapter. I knew immediately this was my next journey to assisting others on their path to hope and wholeness. — Janet Ottersburg, A Fresh Chapter Facilitator
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A Fresh Chapter is privileged to have the support, expertise, and connections offered by our diverse Advisory Board, made up of individuals representing business, medical and international development. In addition to opportunities for leaders to join our Advisory Board, AFC also has openings for our US Board of Directors.


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