Start Fresh Resources

Resources to Help You Start Fresh

Each of us has a unique story and a different reason for why we might want to start fresh. Whether you’re picking up the pieces of your life after a diagnosis of cancer, dealing with physical or emotional loss, or simply asking yourself the question, “What Now?”, you may have reached a crossroads in your life. At A Fresh Chapter, we love to connect our community to resources to help you on the road to writing the next part of your story. If you are looking for a little inspiration to start fresh, check out the links below.

Insight From Some of the World’s Freshest Thinkers
Lessons Learned On Terri’s Fresh Chapter Journey
If You Have Big Dreams of Writing A Book
When You Need Perspective
To Help You Live a Healthier Life

Do you or your loved ones need some resources to assist you in your experience with cancer? Our External Resources page lists a variety of other organizations providing support and advice to those impacted by cancer. 


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