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South Africa Odyssey Program

SOUTH AFRICA odyssey program

A Fresh Chapter
Cape Town & Beyond – South Africa

South Africa is a perfect place for you to start your fresh chapter. Whether learning about the rich and complex history of apartheid, volunteering with South African oncology organizations alongside local advocates and leaders, or participating in your first African drumming circle, you will be forever changed by the experience.

For our third program in South Africa, we will offer our participants  an experience that blends time in Cape Town with the opportunity to serve patients, survivors, and caregivers in a more under resourced province of South Africa. Like all of our programs, we will blend meaningful volunteering with plenty of unforgettable moments like a gondola ride to the top of Table Mountain – one of the world’s natural wonders. With the diversity of natural beauty and culture in this incredible country, you’ll see how South Africa is a metaphor for life’s contradictions. The ability to hold both the light and shadows of a place will help you reframe the challenges of cancer and think about the possibilities ahead.



Reimagine a Path Forward

Set against the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is a vibrant mix of culture and contradiction. From beautiful restaurants on the city’s waterfront to corrugated metal shacks in the townships, you will witness the complete divide between the haves and the have-nots. It can be challenging to hear stories of inequality, racism, and lack of access to services. And yet, it’s precisely because of this opportunity to experience the universality of struggle and the resilience amongst people who have faced the devastation of apartheid, HIV, and lack of access to cancer care, that you will be inspired to serve the cancer community in South Africa and leave empowered to make a positive impact on the world.  

An experience with cancer can make your world feel small and like you have lost the capacity to contribute. A Fresh Chapter’s Odyssey programs give you the opportunity to step beyond your story of cancer and connect with inspiring volunteer projects that will remind you of your strength and resilience. You will come home with a tribe of new friends and the resources and support to dream new dreams for your life. Long after you return home, you’ll still carry the memories of the stories you heard and the people you connected with in South Africa.

Your time in South Africa is only a part of the broader A Fresh Chapter Odyssey framework, which includes significant pre- and post-trip programming designed to help you explore and address the emotional scars of cancer and envision how you want to move forward to a life filled with renewed meaning, connection, and adventure. Through personalized support from our team – including on-the-ground support from our trained facilitators – and extensive online resources, our framework is designed to offer you a road map and an invitation to explore your life beyond cancer.

That day (in South Africa), Pelisa and I spent over 12 hours together comparing and contrasting our cancer stories, our personal hardships and insecurities, our dreams, wants, desires. What emerged from that day was one resounding theme: We all want to be seen. But perhaps to be seen, we must also take the time to really “see” someone else. No matter how different our stories may be, when we open our eyes and open our hearts, we can always find the ties that bind us. — Felicity, 2015 South Africa Odyssey Tribe
The next South Africa Odyssey program is planned for October 6-20, 2018

If you are interested in applying for the South Africa Odyssey Program in 2018, apply before midnight PST on February 15, 2018. 



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