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Peru Odyssey Program


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Lima, Peru

The colonial city of Lima, Peru, located on cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, serves as your urban home for the two-week Peru Odyssey program. Your mornings will be spent volunteering with community-based projects in Villa El Salvador, a residential community on the outskirts of Lima, or supporting locals impacted by cancer, while your afternoons will include cultural events, activities and group sessions designed to explore the emotional impact of cancer and envision how you want to reimagine the next chapter of your life.

In addition to the volunteer placements, everyone will have the chance to meet with one of our local oncology partners for a story session that weaves together the challenges of facing cancer – no matter where you live. Then, on the weekend, we will travel to the Sacred Valley for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca citadel high in the Andes Mountains! As with all A Fresh Chapter programs, you will receive the support of our dedicated A Fresh Chapter team before, during and after the trip.

Partnership with Eli Lilly

The Peru Odyssey program is a partnership between A Fresh Chapter and Eli Lilly & Company’s Connecting Hearts Abroad Program. Half of the program’s participants are employees of Lilly who have experienced cancer first-hand and the second half are selected from the broader A Fresh Chapter community. This program was first launched in October 2016 and we are excited to return to Peru for a third year. A Fresh Chapter is proud of our partnership with Lilly. Lilly’s focus on uniting caring and discovery to make life better for people around the world is in perfect alignment with A Fresh Chapter’s work. Together we are transforming the adversity of cancer into an opportunity for renewed purpose, fresh connection and meaningful possibility.

An experience with cancer can make your world feel small and like you have lost the capacity to contribute. A Fresh Chapter’s Odyssey programs give you the opportunity to step beyond your story of cancer and connect with inspiring volunteer projects that will remind you of your strength and resilience. You will come home with lasting friendships and the resources and support to dream new dreams for your life. Your experience in Peru will leave you with a fresh perspective on how to find peace even amidst the stresses and chaos of life.

Your time in Peru is only a part of the broader A Fresh Chapter Odyssey framework, which includes significant pre and post-trip programming designed to help you explore and address the emotional scars of cancer and envision how you want to move forward to a life filled with renewed meaning, connection, and adventure. Through personalized support from our team – including on-the-ground support from our trained facilitators – and extensive online resources, our framework is designed to offer you a road map and an invitation to explore your life beyond cancer.

For four years I wondered, looking for an answer as to why I have cancer. I thought I needed a reason. Really what I needed was a tribe. A group of people who understood. I found them in Peru. Before Peru I was angry, sad and completely lost. Being with a tribe of people who understood brought me back from a very dark place. Peru and A Fresh Chapter helped a damaged mother, wife and woman find her joy again, and in turn, saved a family. — Hannah, 2016 Peru Odyssey Tribe
The next Peru Odyssey program is planned for November 3-17, 2018

If you are interested in applying for the Peru Odyssey Program in 2018, please fill out an application today! Applications for our fall 2018 programs in Costa Rica, South Africa, and Peru will close on February 15, 2018 at midnight PST.  Please note: the 2018 Peru Odyssey program is only open to cancer patients and survivors. Caregivers are welcome to apply to our other program destinations. 




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