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India Odyssey Program

INDIA odyssey program

A Fresh Chapter
New Delhi, India

The vibrant, colorful city of New Delhi, India will be your home-away-from-home during the two-week India Odyssey Program. Thanks to our local partner and leading international volunteer organization, Cross-Cultural Solutions, you’ll spend your mornings volunteering with a local community project and your afternoons experiencing the best of the culture. You’ll also be acting as a cancer ambassador in communities where the disease is often veiled in shame, secrecy, and stigma. You’ll meet people who can relate to what you’ve been through – all while having an adventure that reminds you what is still possible in your life.

On the weekend you’ll journey to nearby Agra where you’ll watch the sun rise and illuminate the magnificent Taj Mahal. From sipping fragrant chai with new friends each morning, to building connections within the community, to connecting with local cancer patients, you’ll come home with a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

Beauty Amidst the Chaos

India is a beautiful assault on the senses. One of the reasons we chose New Delhi as our first program site is because traveling to the other side of the world and immersing yourself in a completely different culture can truly help you step beyond your cancer experience. A Fresh Chapter has conducted four Odyssey Programs in India and has great relationships with our local support partners including Cross-Cultural Solutions and G Adventures. In addition, we’ve developed a strong connection with the New Delhi-based cancer organization, CanSupport, allowing us to connect with local cancer patients and survivors as well as help spread the word about their inspiring programs. We continue to return to this amazing country thanks to the warmth of our hosts and the tangible impact we can make in communities with a greater need than almost anywhere else in the world.

An experience with cancer can make your world feel small and like you have lost the capacity to contribute. A Fresh Chapter’s Odyssey programs give you the opportunity to step beyond your story of cancer and connect with inspiring volunteer projects that will remind you of your strength and resilience. You will come home with a tribe of new friends and the resources and support to dream new dreams for your life. Your experience in India will leave you with a lasting perspective on how to find peace even amidst the stresses and chaos of life.

Your time in India is only a part of the broader A Fresh Chapter Odyssey framework, which includes significant pre- and post-trip programming designed to help you explore and address the emotional scars of cancer and envision how you want to move forward to a life filled with renewed meaning, connection, and adventure. Through personalized support from our team – including on-the-ground support from our trained facilitators – and extensive online resources, our framework is designed to offer you a road map and an invitation to explore your life beyond cancer.

My volunteer placement in New Delhi was with autistic students. One nonverbal 7 year-old girl couldn’t concentrate and ran around the classroom humming. One day, I sat down with her work at the table and hummed. Eventually she came to stand next to me. She couldn’t make eye contact. But as long as we hummed together she focused on her work. This 30 minutes of humming shifted my whole perspective. Now that I’m home, the pressure of life still exists. I’m still defining my new chapter. But with the ability to appreciate the small moments, I’m no longer filled with anxiety. I’m able to easily move through the twists and turns of the road ahead. — Ashley, 2016 India Odyssey Tribe
We Look Forward To Returning To India in 2019.

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