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US Odyssey Program

UNITED STATES odyssey program

Los Angeles to Phoenix, United States

A passport isn’t always a requirement for starting fresh – which is why A Fresh Chapter offers its US Odyssey program for individuals impacted by cancer who would like to stay a little closer to home. Explore your story through a new lens while volunteering with inspiring projects in Los Angeles, watching the sun rise over the vast beauty of the Grand Canyon, and giving back with members of the local community in Phoenix. You’ll have the opportunity to unplug from your day-to-day life and reconnect with yourself while meeting other people who can relate to what you’ve been through.

Join a movement of fresh food and empowerment, make a positive impact on underserved families and children, hear from a leading expert on how to find grace and resilience while dealing with cancer, and learn about Native American culture while meeting people who have overcome incredible odds. Experience the majesty of nature on an epic trip to the red rocks of Arizona where you’ll rise before dawn for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.

A Fresh Chapter
Redefine Your Life Without Leaving the Country

If you are looking for an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, but don’t feel ready to travel to the other side of the world, our US Odyssey program still provides a unique opportunity to see yourself and your life from a fresh perspective. Whether serving food to the homeless in Phoenix or volunteering alongside ex-convicts, recovering addicts, or kids aging out of the foster system in Los Angeles, you will see that struggle is universal and that each of our stories are much bigger than the challenges we have faced.  

An experience with cancer can make your world feel small and like you have lost the capacity to contribute. A Fresh Chapter’s Odyssey programs give you the opportunity to step beyond your story of cancer and connect with inspiring volunteer projects that will remind you of your strength and resilience. After a US Odyssey program, you will come home with a tribe of new friends and the resources and support to dream new dreams for your life.

Your time on the US Odyssey is only a part of the broader A Fresh Chapter Odyssey framework, which includes significant pre- and post-trip programming designed to help you explore and address the emotional scars of cancer and envision how you want to move forward to a life filled with renewed meaning, connection, and adventure. Through personalized support from our team – including on-the-ground support from our trained facilitators – and extensive online resources, our framework is designed to offer you a road map and an invitation to explore your life beyond cancer.

The Elemental Odyssey program helped me to be in the present and take in my surroundings. While standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon, I had an overwhelming sense of peace. This experience helped me realize that even when life feels out of control, there is something larger than me that helped me overcome the challenges of getting diagnosed with gynecological cancer at 32 years old. While on the program, I built lasting relationships with my tribe as we dug deep within ourselves and shared raw emotions and stories - which is what I believed helped us heal our wounds. — Theresa Marsella, 2016 U.S. Odyssey Tribe
The next U.S. Odyssey program will take place in 2019

Although we don’t yet have dates confirmed for our next U.S. Odyssey program, if you would like to be the first to know as new information becomes available, make sure you are signed up for our newsletter.  




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